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8th February: Side Effects released (US)
15th March: Side Effects released (UK)

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Information | Photos | Official website Released: 2020

Information | Photos | Official website Released: 2020


Now available from

Now available from

DVDs that include an audio commentary track from Steven:
Clean, Shaven - Criterion Collection
Point Blank
The Graduate (40th Anniversary Collector's Edition)
The Third Man - Criterion Collection
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?



Ocean's Eleven: A TEAM TO THE END

Soderbergh and his talented team captured the remarkable chemistry and camaraderie of the Ocean's Eleven ensemble ' but it wasn't all high-caliber acting and movie magic. "When we went to Las Vegas to start shooting, we made a conscious effort on a production level to have the 11 guys hang out together," Jerry Weintraub says. "It wasn't hard to do because they all liked each other and as soon as they started spending time together away from the set, real friendships developed. You can't buy that. When you have actors who can't wait to go to work and work with one another other and be with each other, that's exciting. In all my years in show business, I don't think I've ever had as much fun as I've had on this movie."

George Clooney concurs. "After Matt Damon completed his role, he called from Paris just to say he missed us and missed the set. Can you imagine ' he's in Paris and he called to say that."


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